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“Before you can think out of the box,
you have to start with a box.”
Twyla Tharp

We can metaphorically view ourselves as boxes…
all sizes, all shapes and all different, …but all boxes.

The methodology of Cramer's Cube was developed to enable "boxes" to manifest their uniqueness, influence other "boxes" and create innovation.

What are the attributes of "boxes"?

  • A "box" cannot exceed the limits of what it is.
  • A "box" cannot fully understand other "boxes."
  • A "box" is unable to look outside itself to understand itself.
  • A "box" is limited when attempting to explain its uniqueness.
  • A "box" must demonstrate its uniqueness in order to be truly understood.

When a group of "boxes" come together in a workgroup they are united by a shared objective. To reach that objective, they will work most effectively if their working environment is tailored to meet their needs.

Every workgroup has unique members who are working on a unique objective. This requires the creation of a unique working environment to:

  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Optimize Decision-making
  • Optimize Results

The members of a group, working in Cramer's Cube, collaboratively determine the specifications of the cube. The specifications define an operating space that:

  • Enables each team member to contribute
    equally and fully.
  • Enables each team member to utilize and
    demonstrate unique capabilities.
  • Enables each team member to appreciate
    the value of others.
  • Enables the workgroup to unify itself
    based on the shared objective.
  • Enables the development of each individual.
  • Enables the group to develop solutions that
    are innovative.
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