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Winchester Consulting Group:
The BOXer of Consultants

Consulting firms provide expertise to a client to meet the client’s objectives. WCG provides clients with the ability to extract expertise to meet its objectives.

Winchester Consulting Group (WCG) was founded on the principle that a corporation must optimize the power, potential and value of its greatest asset, its workforce. Attaining that goal, corporations realize a "Return on Diversity" which can improve the bottom line. To achieve ROD, companies must change the operating methods of their workgroups.

Every team member in a workgroup must be an equal contributor to the communication and collaboration process. Full participation is accomplished by redefining the collaboration methods and the decision-making process.

The group remains focused on the objective and their responsibility to produce results. Finally, the group has the opportunity to develop solutions that are innovative as well as pragmatic.

Such an approach results in an environment in which everyone works well together, irrespective of individual differences.

WCG provides that approach, and it is called Cramer's Cube.

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