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Vincent M. Cramer
Vincent M. Cramer is the developer of the Cramer’s Cube methodology and the founder of Winchester Consulting Group. Vincent has over three decades of experience in leading the sales organizations of cutting-edge semiconductor companies. Although these companies were examples of "innovative thinking", the term was narrowly applied to the engineering innovations of product development. The operating methods did not break any new ground.

Vincent realized that the reliance on old approaches to collaboration, decision-making and problem solving might place critical constraints on organizational development. These factors could manifest themselves in organizational paralysis and individual stagnation. Failure to achieve corporate, organizational and personal objectives might result. These concerns applied equally to large corporations or startups.

Schooled in Electrical Engineering, Vincent M. Cramer examined the shortcomings of team innovation as a "problem" of workgroup dynamics.

Constraints on the team could be removed by establishing the best working environment for the specific workgroup and the particular assignment. The process he developed facilitated the potential of the individual and the contribution of the workgroup. The methodology drove the team members to the limits of their insight and uniqueness. Successfully utilizing his methods has lead to the development of the methodology that he calls Cramer’s Cube.

Applying Cramer’s Cube to his own organizations resulted in sales teams of confidence and capability. Those teams of empowered employees created a working environment that yielded innovative solutions to meet non-traditional challenges. His teams were prepared to seize lucrative sales opportunities. He now trains corporations on the application of these principles so they may realize a return on their most precious asset - their people. Utilizing Cramer's Cube, organizations attain the level of performance and innovation that they require.

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