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Innovation in the Workgroup:
Its Potential… Its Challenges

Innovation in an organization has its challenges because it is expected to flourish in a team-based environment. Though challenging, it can be done!

Does Innovation happen when an individual strives to think outside of oneself? Is Innovation the product of people aspiring to be innovative?

Innovation arises from the uniqueness of an individual who is given the means to utilize that uniqueness and demonstrate its value. What may appear to be innovative to most people is simply obvious to its creator.

In Cramer's Cube, an individual who fully manifests his or her uniqueness is a BOXer. This name is given because these unique individuals seem to be operating in a different box than the rest of us. If corporations provide them with a supportive environment, their unique qualities could be realized and utilized.

BOXers require:

  • A supportive environment
  • An enriching process
  • A means of validation

    These are the hallmarks of Cramer's Cube.

In Cramer's Cube, innovation has the opportunity to flourish, producing High-Performance Workgroups.

BOXers are discussed in Training Module #1,
Who Will Drink the Water?

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