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The workgroup has an "embedded engine" to create advanced initiatives that enable diversity programs to reach their full potential and competitive advantage.

Advanced Diversity Initiatives...

Diversity II (Diversity to the 2nd Power)

Chief Diversity Officer - Move people from the Affinity Group to the blended diversity in the Work Group. Diversity resources are positioned to improve individual contribution, increase retention and create upward mobility.

Diversity Asset Management™

Chief Operating Officer - Quality has shown that what began as a program matured into an asset…a strategic asset. Diversity is also an asset but only when it is deployed as an asset. Utilizing the corporation’s diversity assets, you can expect improvements in revenue, costs, organizational efficiency and productivity.

Total Diversity Management™

Chief Executive Officer - Take the investment made in the corporation's Diversity Initiatives and architect a TDM system. Designing your own TDM program enables the corporation to maintain the current diversity programs and consultants. Those resources will now be a part of a comprehensive program that impacts the bottom line, has certifiable results and improves organizational behavior. The closed-loop process of TDM facilitates continuous performance improvement.

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