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Get the benefits of Out-Sourcing
Without Out-Sourcing!

The definition of consultants is...
people who Give expert advice.

Now there is another definition...
people who Extract expert advice.

Maximize corporate assets by in-sourcing
Who knows your company?
Your products? Your customers? Your competitors?
Who knows your obstacles, challenges and opportunities?

The answer is YOU.

You can utilize Cramer's Cube to develop teams of in-house consultants that have the expertise and the insight to improve sales and reduce costs, while optimizing organizational efficiency and organizational behavior. You simply need the means and the methods to deliver these results.

Without increasing headcount or hiring consultants, corporations can recognize, and utilize, the full potential of its people. This asset utilization is crucial to success, since people are the corporation's largest and most critical asset.

The benefits of In-Sourcing are great:

  • Headcount is utilized and optimized, not increased.
  • In-Sourcing keeps your expertise (and your data)
  • After talking-the-talk, the same team will be
  • Creators of the solutions have ownership in
    the implementation.
  • Individuals develop a greater sense of worth,
    through contribution.
  • Recruitment and Retention are improved in the process.



  • Empower each and every employee.
  • Employ team dynamics that are exciting,
    invigorating and spirited.
  • Create a working environment that is
    professional and respectful.
  • Generate Innovative, Extreme and
    even Revolutionary results.
  • Utilize the diversity of talents and
    passions of all employees.
  • Increase corporate energy, dynamism
    and esprit de corps.
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