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The methodology of Cramer's Cube is not the result of a scientific breakthrough or a research study. It is simply a collection of practical methods that enable people to work effectively and innovatively in a workgroup.

The methods utilized in Cramer's Cube are
easy to learn and fun to apply.

The foundation of Cramer's Cube is the belief that people have an innate and indefinable uniqueness that we simply call individuality. In order for this individuality to be recognized, appreciated and utilized, a methodology must be in place to facilitate that uniqueness. When an individual reaches the limits of his or her individuality, and demonstrates that uniqueness to others, that person is considered a BOXer.


To enable the full participation of each workgroup member, a cube is created. The size of the cube is defined by the limits of what the team defines as the universe of possible solutions to its objective. To establish the outer limits of the cube, the members remove all limitations on individual participation and contribution. Every member is able to utilize the full spectrum of his or her insights and talents during the course of collaboration and decision-making. Individuals are able to reach the limits of their uniqueness and the solutions reach the limits of their possibilities.

Vincent M. Cramer developed his Organizational Development expertise by creating a working environment for his sales organizations. Irrespective of age, experience, education, personality, culture or gender, everyone participates as equal members.

Simple guidelines facilitate Communication,
Collaboration, and Contribution.

  • The focus of the group is on Insight and Observations, not Ideas or Opinions.
  • The group is not influenced or limited by the
    actions of a leader.
  • The rules of Argument and Debate make
    discussions passionate, not personal.
  • The workgroup creates the universe of
    possible solutions to meet its Objective.
  • The workgroup generates three solutions
    as its proposal to meet the Objective.
  • The results are designated as:
    Innovative, Extreme and Revolutionary.


  • A "box" generally understands its limits.
  • A "box" cannot know the limits of the other "boxes."
  • Every "box" works within its limits, but is pushed...
    to its limits.
  • Every "box" strives to reach the limits of the
    CUBE’S universe.
  • A "box" is not required to think outside of itself
    because it cannot.
  • A "box" that strives to reach whatever is
    outside itself will not succeed.
  • When a "box" considers something to be "on
    the outside", that something may actually be
    in another "box."


  • It is easy to learn and fun to apply.
  • It provides workgroups with a common "starting point."
  • Executives know the expectations of the workgroup.
  • Team members know that the group dynamics
    were guided, not led.
  • The results can be empirically validated.

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