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A Modular Training Program is available to enable organizations and corporations to effectively transition workgroups to the methodology of Cramer's Cube. Modules are one-hour in length and they demonstrate the differences in the workgroup dynamics between current approaches and Cramer's Cube.

Attendees develop an appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual, including oneself, and the need to create a workgroup environment that can maximize the potential of that uniqueness.

Cramer's Cube and the Power of the Workgroup is a half-day training program. Cramer's Cube becomes the embedded-engine that drives the corporation to full power by innovatively utilizing its workforce.

All concepts and methods from the book are presented, including training on Pyramism, Octalysis, Faux Factor and Blind Vision.

Audience size is targeted for 6 to 24 individuals and the workshop is optimized for 6 per workgroup.

Teams tackle a practical assignment. At completion, there is an evaluation of the results and the efficacy of the Cramer's Cube methodology.

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