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Collaboration Decision Making Modules

Create the ultimate workgroup environment for
High Performance and Innovation.

Everyone is given the means to communicate, collaborate and contribute. The working environment will encourage the contribution of BOXers.

Capitalizing on the potential of BOXers, this module creates the ultimate environment for innovation. Leadership in the workgroup is removed. This results in the active participation of all workgroup members without influence or pressure, irrespective of title, experience, tenure, age or even personality. In other working environments, the assessment of a team’s Innovation and Performance is obscured by the influence of leadership. In Cramer's Cube, leadership is replaced by an enabling environment and an empowering process.
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Remove the limitations on the workgroup.

Teams learn to construct an operating universe from which they will be empowered to generate their solutions and recommendations.

Provide the workgroup with the ability to:

  • Develop certifiably innovate solutions
  • Facilitate the contribution of Diversity Programs
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Following the complete methodology of Cramer's Cube, the team will travel from workgroup creation, followed by individual contribution, through team collaboration and culminating in final recommendation(s).

The course is conducted in a media-rich environment that includes visual models and descriptive language. A physical Cramer's Cube is utilized and each participant is given his or her personal pyramid to aid in the phases of Debate, Pyramism, Point-of-View and Octalysis.

Applying all of the steps provided in the book, Cramer's Cube, this session will take the attendees through the entire process.

The topic can be:

  1. a standard topic provided by WCG
  2. a topic chosen by the client
  3. for large groups, the client can choose multiple topics.

The process flow is...

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All sessions are designed and conducted by Winchester Consulting Group, the exclusive provider of training and consulting services for Cramer's Cube.
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